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Dormitel for Sale (CV)

Location:  near university belt

Lot area:  570 square meters

Floor area:  2,469.73 square meters

Details:  5 storey building, 4 years old, with elevator, standby generator, tv and beds, total of 63 rooms, with 4 libraries, with lobby, cafeteria, computer shop, laundry shop, well maintained, 80%-90% occupied.

Average Income:  

PhP600,000 – PhP700,000 per month (regular)

PhP800,000 per month (during peak season)

PhP7.2Million – PhP8.4Million

Room Rental:

PhP10,000-PhP12,000 per month

PhP1,000-PhP1,250 (Transient)

ROI:  7.4%-8.6%

Price:  PhP125Million inclusive of 12% VAT, Capital Gains tax