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Lot in Batangas for Sale (MR)

Location:  Barangay Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

Lot area:  47.9 Hectares

Details: Lobo, Batangas is in the process of gaining World-wide tourist attention due to its natural beauty. Lobo is rich in marine resources. Natural and Man-made diving spots feature beautiful underwater resources. White sand coastlines are also found in the area. 2 adjacent lots. White sand Coastline. Great for Leisure Development.

Price:  PhP500 per square meter (NET)


Beach in Batangas for Sale (MR)

Location:  Alegre Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas

Lot area:  48 hectgares

Details:  Commercial/Resort, Fully Titled, Clean,

Price:  PhP2,500 per square meters

mango orchard & beach resort for sale (GDT)

Location: mango orchard & beach resort, calatagan, batangas

Total Lot area:  68,425sqm.
-36,632sqm. mango orchard with 200 trees, all fruit bearing
-31,793sqm. beach resort with beach frontage of 115meters white sands

Price:  3,000 per sqm. negotiable

Batangas Beach Resort for Sale (MR)

Location:  Alegre San Juan Batangas

Lot area:  48 Hectares

Details:  Fully titled, very clean, classification is commercial or resort

Price:  PhP2,500 per square meter

Olongapo Beach Resort For Sale (CV)

Location:  Matain, Olongapo City near SBMA and White Rock

Lot area:  1,000 + sqms beachfront / back part of beach 4,500 sqms more or less.

Details:  Income generating

Price:  Beach front – PhP20,000/sqm / Back – PhP5,000/sqm

Olongapo Beach Front Property For Sale (MR) – July 4, 2012

Location: Nagbakulao, Olongapo City (5-10 minutes from Subic Base)
Lot Area: 9.8 Has (98,000 sqm)
-Location: Lower Kalaklan , Olongapo City
-Along the National Hi-way, 2 Minutes from SBMA and 10 mins. From Tipo Road Exit to SBMA
-1 km. of Beach Coast Line
Asking Price: P 5,000.00 / sqm (P 490,000,000.00)

Palawan Islands for sale (MR) – July 4, 2012

Location: TALAYTAY ISLAND, Palawan
Lot area: 234,166 square meters (23.4166 hectares or 57.86 acres)
-64,166 sqm (titled)
-170,000 sqm (7 Tax Declarations ready for titling in 2010)
Price: Asking Price: P 400.00 / sqm

Location: Renambacan Island, Palawan
Lot area: 17,513 square meters (1.7513 hectares or 4.33 acres)
Details: 17,513 sqm titled
Price: Asking Price: P 400.00 / sqm

TOTAL PRICE: PhP100,671,600

Boracay Island Beach Resort Property for Sale (MR)

Boracay Island Beach Resort Property for Sale
Brgy. Yapak, Malay, Aklan
Land Area:  174,984 Square Meters
Price:  P 10,000.00 / sqm
Details:  Between Shangri-la Boracay and Puka Beach
              400m approx shoreline

Punta Fuego Batangas Lot for Sale (TB)

Location:   Punta Fuego, Batangas

Lot area:  615sqm
Details:  Vacant lot
Price:  P15,000/sqm or P9,225,000